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As someone with profound hearing loss I have been putting off learning sign too. Mostly because I'm functioning ok right now. When I go completely deaf I'll probably learn or maybe get implants.

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“Oh god how did I get here??!!”

Just hold on, Brenda, we’re almost done!

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YEP. Reading lips hasn't failed me in 25 years so really what's the point?? It's fun when grown adults are like, w"ell let me try your hearing aids to see."

Funny because I'm also deaf in right ear partially in left!! Lefty is going a lot faster than I want him to though. :(

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To add to his comment, going through school was incredibly challenging for me. I didn't get my hearing aids until I was 16. Because of my hearing loss I missed out on a lot of friendships and "normal" childhood socialization. Plus I had to focus really, really hard to understand wtf was happening. I hated "popcorn reading", because if we read in a row I could count the paragraphs and just read mine but with "pop corn reading" I'd have to ask where we were EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I even asked some teachers to let me read first every time, but they never did.

Another real problem was that NO ONE believed me when I said I couldn't hear. My own family thought I was purposely ignoring them. Even now, almost 10 years later, most of my family still thinks I'm faking.

The adjustment to hearing was very hard. I never knew air conditioners made sound. Or the fridge. Or the buttons on the microwave. I didn't know pens clicked. I didn't realize birds sing almost all the time. Toilets flushing was so unbelievably loud! It's been almost 10 years and I still struggle trying to tune out background noise.

But you know what? I can turn my hearing off when people/sounds are bothering me. I sleep through literally everything. I feel like my struggles have made me a better/stronger person. I don't know if I would want "normal" hearing. I do worry about the day I go completely deaf, because I'll miss music so much.

Just throwing my 2 cents in.

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When I was 15 my dad took me to lunch and asked me if I wanted to drive home. I told him I didn’t have my permit. His response has stuck with me and 12 years later I can still hear him say, “if you have your pants on you should have your ID. Never forget that.”