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Thanks for taking the time for responding. I studied neurobiology so I find this really interesting. Since your brain is mirrored also (or is just the heart?), do you notice anything in the way you perceive or interact with objects?

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Are you male or female? I hear men with situs inversus totalis are often infertile. Is that an issue?

Both the situs inversus and the infertility are connected to problems with cell mobility due to genetic mutations.

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No, the chest infections and the SI are related. PCD causes bad mucus-clearing causes the lung involvement. But then again, it can take years before they discover (or suspect) SI, just like you said.

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Strange, I can find no reference to neurological symptoms. Is your SI related to Kartagener syndrome? If so, do you have symptoms that you would describe as painful, or annoying?

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Hello! This is the other part! I've been doing great after the operation. What have you been up to?