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Nuclear power is an important part of our energy mix, and we should be investing in new plants to replace old ones as they are being decommissioned in addition to investing in offshore wind and tidal generation.

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Do you feel that PPUK is regarded as a serious and "real" political party by the other, larger and well known political parties?

Yes, to a greater or lesser degree based on the party. North-West Labour MEP Arlene McCarthy, in her e-mail to other S&D members called us, and the Greens, out by name as an electoral threat when trying to convince her colleagues to vote against Net Neutrality, for example.

Likewise, the Green Party are also worried about us.

We are still a new political movement, though, so it will take time for our presence to work its way through the political system.

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I think that VPNs can offer a false sense of security. We have seen fairly recently some VPN companies that advertise strong privacy protection divulging information about their customers with little or no fight.

VPNs are good at hiding what you're doing from your own ISP, but the local network is not the only adversary.

We are calling for a change in the law, but we don't advocate that people break the existing law. If they wish to do so then they may be liable and that's purely a decision for them. All we know is that the current regime does not work and needs to be drastically reformed.

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I made this comment earlier regarding our drugs policy:

  1. Drugs policy should be lead by the NHS/Dept of Health rather than the criminal justice system/Home Office. Drug abuse is first and foremost a health issue.

  2. Policy should be developed based on evidence, not electioneering and prejudice. If the evidence suggests decriminalisation, then we should decriminalise.

The EU (and the world as a whole) needs to stop looking at this as a criminal issue. The "war on drugs" obviously hasn't worked and the entire global system needs to be re-examined.