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How hard is it to get a valid Id? How do you function in adulthood without some form of photo id? How do you buy cigs, beer, over the counter drugs, enter bars etc. This isn’t about voter suppression, it’s about failing to take responsibility to be an adult and obtain things EVERY adult should have.

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Is this even an issue? Sounds like $22 million wasted on not a problem. Could have done a fuck ton more with that money than embracing consumerism further.

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Top tips I've heard from a former pro: don't hire any company for ongoing service, do it yourself at 1/10 the cost. A one time service will suffice and ask them any questions. Most will answer honestly.

Spray foam insulate your basement and crawl spaces, any cracks and gaps in the basement around utility lines and such as well. Most contractors will quote you at 1-3k depending on footage and general removal.

Exterior: product called Termidor SC willl kill and keep most things off your house. DO NOT USE INDOORS. Buy a $20 spray tank and spray the perimeter of your home, soffits and overhangs, and around windows and doors twice a year or seasonally.

Interior sill plates and baseboards: onslaught will kill just about everything inside. Spray only baseboards and sill plates.

Mice are GOING to find a way in if your home is older than 30 years old. Best rodenticide is either resolv soft pack baits or first strike packs.

How many of you have tried doing things by yourself first and foremost?

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How likely are you to take a buy out from a larger company that can do this? Or would you take a consultant role for it? What are your yearly revenue numbers?

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Read it twelve more times... it’s right on the money.