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This is what so many people don't understand about the Taliban. It's not about religion it's all about money and control. The only time during my deployment we got hit regularly was when we started fucking with their drugs and guns. I often wonder if we could have been out of there years ago if we'd simply outbid the Taliban and bought the poppy from the farmers instead of burning and outlawing it. We could have created a national industry for them, legitimized it, and benefitted from it ourselves. Couldnt have cost us any more than what weve dumped there the last decade.

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This may seem a bit extreme, but if you can't sit in the saddle and think "I could die today" and be completely at ease about it, I wouldn't recommend getting a motorcycle.

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We didnt just outlaw it we went through their fields and burned them to the ground. The idea was to cut off the financial backing for the Taliban's fighting. Really all we did was cripple the farmers.

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Legitimate question: how would vaseline applied around the eye have prevented this?

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Does it really leak fuel on the tarmac by design?