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Read that, Reddit? Don't spend more money here giving him gold. Donate to these organizations!

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What if you're on a date and you both just don't have anything to talk about with each other so the conversation is just awkward and silent and you're trying really hard to come up and say something well anything but you just don't have anything to say and for a brief moment of time you do get a passing thought but nope it was just that funny meme you remembered. Oh wait, maybe I can tell her the funny meme, but then you forget it's a game of thrones meme and she never watched game of thrones so now you're stuck awkwardly back to square one except you've wasted an entire minute in silence. What do you do then?

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I think his best gift might be me, I got to write him a dank poem.

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

I'm Bill Gates Mother Fucker

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I gave up searching for an engineering/data science job after applying for months. Does your firm need any assistance? I make great coffee with a Keurig and love wearing suits and shouting 'objection'!!