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I know someone, for real it’s not me, whose employer is showing many signs of cognitive decline (i.e. dementia). The employer is constantly forgetting what they said the week before. They have become suspicious of everyone. They are rude, disrespectful, and combative. They accuse employees of moving stuff, taking items, and thinks everyone is incompetent. Any suggestions?

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Unfortunately, there is no HR, it’s a non profit, and the person is in charge, they are the president. I’m not sure that the board sees it because they don’t see her day to day. There really didn’t have anyone else to go to. My friend researched it, and came to the conclusion that there is nothing she can do. She is starting to look for other work, to leave. It’s sad because the employer started such an amazing non profit, and their unwillingness to pass on the torch is damaging the organization. I mostly volunteer only a few hours a week. I feel so bad because they are basically being abused by her verbally at work, and it feels helpless. Also, my co worker feels like it’s up to her loved ones to address it. Unfortunately, my co worker will just have to leave. I thought about working their full time as a regular job, but all this made me decide against it. We have discussed it, and we feel that she would not receive it well and could become defensive and combative. Also, we don’t know exactly what the issue is, and we can’t know for sure since we aren’t medical professionals. Thank you so much for your input. I didn’t know this was a thing people are dealing with at work, till this situation. I think for my friend, who has multiple degrees, moving on is going to be the way for her due to all the stress she is under. It does make me feel better that we aren’t alone in dealing with issue. Thanks again.

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Thanks for your comment. There is no HR to tell, and she pretty much controls the whole board. My friend, is just planning on leaving. It’s just not worth it to her anymore. Sad thing is she is a great with the kids and great at her job. I told her to do what is best for her mental health.Yeah, I’ve learned in my own work experience that HR in regular jobs is not your friend. I never realized that non profit is just as dysfunctional than for profit businesses.

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My aunt did your job for 25 years, and she said the exact same thing, that must of the time the lawyers aren’t necessary.

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I agree. I think I thought because they do good, that somehow they couldn’t be bad like a regular for profit job. I said to my dad not long ago, who cares if you help people if you treat people like shit while doing it. It taints everything. I have volunteered countless hours to this place, because I believe in bringing something good to the world, I want to contribute, but frankly I’m feeling so disillusioned. This is my second civic organization/non-profit, and I left the last one because they didn’t actually care about helping people, they just wanted to get wasted at all their events. I wanted to actually help the community. This all makes me frustrated and bummed out.