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LyFrMaiden2 karma

I wish you all the best! My Poppy (Grandpa) was diagnosed with a "type of leukemia" (the doctors aren't really sure what it is, but it behaves very similar to leukemia), and lately has not been doing well. He has five kids and lots of grandchildren so he gets asked a lot about the same things and doesn't really enjoy discussing it, so I normally don't bring it up and just try to enjoy my time with him.

He, like you as it seems from the picture, did not lose his hair during treatment. Do you know why that is? Does that only happen to some people? I have been curious but didn't want to ask him. Thank you for doing this AMA, stay strong!

LyFrMaiden1 karma

How interesting! Thank you so much for replying, God bless :)