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The time in the sky for a flight isn't really the best way to gauge plane vs train. Factor in the time to get to the airport, pass through security, board, etc, and rail becomes more competitive.

And that's without mentioning the quality of the trip -- train passengers can get up, move freely, and get work done.

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Hi Meg! I was super excited to see CAHSR's recent commitment to using 100% ZEV for on-road site fleets. On a related note, do you have any projections for what percent of electricity powering the train will come from renewables?

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Unfortunately, many of the delays are less political will and more a fact of life in California.

We have strict environmental laws (CEQA) that allow just about anyone to bring suit and challenge the project, meaning there's tons of litigation and analysis that must be completed before construction even starts on a segment.

Add in the authorizing ballot measure's requirement that the CAHSR be build in "usable segments," and you've got yet another avenue for rail opponents to wage legal battles that delay construction.

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Yup! Plus the Central Valley track is flat and straight -- a perfect opportunity for CAHSR to test trains at max speed while finishing construction on the more populated segments

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What biases have you observed from them?