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People are amused by my answer whenever I get asked this question. If I eat the ice cream slowly enough, or suck on ice cubes for long enough, my tongue and the roof of my mouth will get itchy. That's when I know to stop eating said cold food. I've never eaten anything cold for long enough to get past that point, because I'm honestly scared of what will happen heheh.

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Well when my reactions started I lived in Florida (born and raised)... so it never struck my mind to move somewhere warmer because I was already close to the equator. I moved away from home two years ago, to a state that actually HAS seasons. It snows where I am now and gets pretty damn cold through the winter. Some people would question my logic on moving to a colder state, but I try not to let my illness hold me back from doing what I want. I LOVE snow- so even though it sucks at times not being able to stay outside and play in it for too long, it's definitely worth it ;)

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Hahaa this comment genuinely made me laugh :) Most people I tell don't believe it until they actually see it themselves... even then it's hard to convince people unless they have seen it happen on multiple occasions. I've had many people say to me "you can't be allergic to temperature... it's temperature and it's intangible so there's no way you can be allergic". I understand this but simply saying I'm allergic is much easier than explaining the technicality of it. Thanks for understanding :)

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Hahhaha that's a good one ;)

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I wasn't born with mine. It just happened one day when I was 9 years old. I was teased for it a bit in school. Most kids were grossed out by it and stayed away from me when I had a reaction. I still have adults who will get horrified looks on their faces and take a few steps back if I have a really bad reaction on my face. All throughout my school days I carried a hoodie and ALWAYS wore long pants to school. People thought I was crazy because I lived in Florida and it was almost always hot, but a lot of my teachers kept their classrooms freezing cold, and wearing warm clothes was the only other way for me to combat it.

My absolute WORST reaction was one morning when I was in high school. It was winter time and probably one of the coldest days we ever get during Florida winters- it was about 30 degrees. My high school was an "outside" school, in that only the classrooms are indoors. The "halls" are essentially outside, so in order to switch classes you had to go through the elements. Everyone hung outside the cafeteria together in the mornings before classes started. My boyfriend at the time was with me. I was starting to get hives so I asked him to sit in the cafeteria with me, but he was a major douche and wanted to hang out outside with his friends instead. Despite the fact I was getting hives, I decided to just brave the cold and stick it out. I was a major loner in high school and didn't want to sit alone in the cafeteria. After about 20 minutes of being outside, I was completely covered in hives.... I mean COMPLETELY. It got so bad that my whole body was burning and breathing was difficult. My boyfriend wasn't really paying attention to me (again, douche) and he suddenly looked down at me (i was sitting on the ground) and said "Holy shit, Luxei. Your hives are REALLY BAD." At this point in time I kind of went into shock and breathing was super hard. I started crying (not because of the pain, but because I couldn't breathe) and that made everything worse. I then rushed to the school nurse, called my mom, and she picked me up. I got home and jumped in the hottest shower I could stand... and stood there for about 10 minutes. Then I went and bundled up in my bed. I fell asleep for about 13 hours and woke up later that night. I still had white blotches all over my skin from where the hives were. My mom is an EMT and in retrospect she realized I should have gone to the hospital instead of just going home. She constantly checked on me while I was sleeping because it worried her. I now know that if I ever can't breathe and I have bad hives, I need to go to the emergency room.