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Why did you leave the CIA for the FBI? Is their often that type of shift within the Alphabet Agencies?

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I was unfamiliar with Ulaanbataar and wondered what you considered to be their main source of pollution? I grew up in the “Steel City” and knew our city was producing steel-I read reports in the 80’s about “lead poisoning” being associated with our toxic air-pollution, are you seeing lead poisoning in your studies?

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Is it true that people with the blood type A are at a great risk? Why would that be the case if it is factual?

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I did some quick reading and saw that cooking with coal seems to be the “party line” so to speak. I cannot imagine this city doesn’t have a more proficient way of cooking/heating, and that cooking is the primary culprit.

Recent PGH article, no mention of lead. https://www.post-gazette.com/news/environment/2018/04/18/Pittsburgh-s-air-quality-among-worst-in-nation-study-lung-association/stories/201804180109

Thanks for responding. I haven’t been back to the Warhol since the opening. Great place.