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Good Guy EMT

Knows his scope of practice.

Source:am EMT

Edit: As an EMT, knowing what you have the ability and talent to accomplish really saves lives. It is always best to ask for help than to try to perform a procedure that you do not have the appropriate skills for executing. Just call for an ALS unit and try to comfort the patient.

For bystanders if you see something ACT immediately by calling 911. The best thing you can do is to assist in accelerating a person's recovery by helping get emergency help on scene faster.

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I would say thats nuts...

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How successful are the people that you place into their dream jobs? Do you work only with mental disabilities or disabilities of all types? Thanks for the AMA. It's awesome that your passion helps other people find their passion.

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Hey. How are you doing? Thanks for doing this AMA. I have a quick question. I was visiting Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria and I saw this Russian memorial. Do you know the history about the statue on the left and do you know why the MLK memorial is so similar to it? Thanks for doing this AMA!

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Not really sure. I haven't found too much research on the Russian Statue. I am a university student from america studying there, but I really want to know why they are so similar. The oppression being lifted idea is the same, but it seems like the MLK one is a direct rip off almost. Mauthausen is absolutely breathtaking...it will rock you and fill you with fear. Seeing the ashes of those killed really got to me.