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Luravea2 karma

Kind of an odd question but will I have to pay back any amount of my subsidy that was used for health insurance (when it's time to file taxes) if I fell below the federal poverty line yet still received the tax credit?

Luravea2 karma

Thanks so much for the speedy reply!

Sadly I forgot to ask another question that came to mind slightly similar to the one posted before.

Here's my situation:

My partner filled out an application with Healthcare.gov for both of us (I'm listed as their dependent), we paid our premiums, all is good!

But here's where I'm left a bit worried. If I start working to where I'm no longer deemed a dependent due to acquiring income, what will happen to my coverage?

Will my plan be terminated? Will I have to pay full price for my premium? Etc. I really don't want employment to be a hindrance in keeping my plan.