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Shaq, I met you at a party after the 12/06/91 Arizona basketball game. I said something witty like "Damn you ARE tall".

You were cool for a young man who was obviously heading off to serious fame and fortune. Congrats on all the success you've had in life.

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Yup, that's Arizona. Just so you know our plants also want to kill you.

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Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will spell out exactly what is and is not covered under your plan.

Things like treatment being in-network vs out of network can have a huge impact on your coverage levels.

To really get an answer you would need to sit down with someone to go over your EOB and your invoice.

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I once took my daughter to Canada, on a whim, while visiting friends in Seattle, we wanted to go ski Grouse. Three weeks earlier I had taken her to Rocky Point Mexico. This was when the new passport rules had been announced, but not yet implemented.

On my way into Canada they were curious as to why two 30 something dudes were taking an 8 year old girl into Canada. Saying we wanted to go skiing didn't go over well. So they made us go into the checkpoint building place and talk to a rather unfriendly border guard lady. At some point during the rather long questioning process I mentioned that I had JUST taken her to Mexico and that they didn't give us these problems.

She was not amused.

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Unfortunately, due to unexpected technical difficulties, next week's episode of iron chef of forensics will have to be replaced with bronze chef of forensics.