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I am a (somewhat) aspiring author. I write a lot on /r/Writingprompts and people there have gotten to know me a bit.

I am currently working on a book based on a writing prompt (An alternate history where Rome never fell), and hope to finish it by the end of this month. I have my own subreddit where I post all of my stuff that I kind of use as a proxy for having my own blog/website. So when I go to pitch the book to a publisher, I will have to talk about that (because it is important for first-time authors to have an established audience like you do).

My question is: how did your following on Reddit help you get a publisher on board for Acadia? When speaking with a potential agent or publisher, how did you describe Reddit itself and your interactions with the community?

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Whenever I try to write romance, I find that it comes out (in my own opinion) cheesy and not believable. I'm so concerned about it that I don't even do romantic subplots in other longer works that aren't romances. Does that happen to you? If so, how do you get over your own self criticisms?

Are there any other authors that you feel are very good at writing believable chemistry between characters?

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I just watched the episode last night where you plan to convince Pennsyltucky's pastor to get donations for you! Very well done; I loved the scene where they are prepping you for the interview. Thanks for coming by to do an AMA!

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So the secret is to have publishers banging down your door. Got it.

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It's weird to see the Washington Post asking questions among all of us unknown plebians.