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How much human remains do you think you've accidentally inhaled?

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Which presidents did your gramps know before they were presidents? :_D

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Grins is also an English word, which means to smile widely in amusement or pleasure.

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So, 549 people have been shot and killed by police this year..

274 white men, and
155 black men,

And you're trying to push the agenda that black people are more likely to get killed by police? I get you're basing that off of population percentage (there are more white people and so on), but clearly you can see that more white people are being killed?

Why even push this agenda? Why are you trying to convince people it's a racial thing at all?

I personally find this entire thing horrible biased, and you're using the population percentage statistic as a way of skewing the publics view away from the actual reality: more white people are shot and killed by police than black people.

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What, don't everyone have magic money trees that spit dollar bills at you ever day?