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Russia has never survived under a “democracy.” Without an authoritarian leader like Vladimir Putin, Russia would cease to exist and would split into several impoverished republics. It’s a nation that needs strong federal unified rule.

I’ve studied this subject for several years and I’ve written multiple papers about it. It’s evident in Russia’s history. The stark demographic and cultural differences that exist among her people makes the principle of “democracy” nearly impossible to implement and sustain.

LuminousEntrepreneur18 karma

Not necessarily. The United States, regardless of its cultural composition, is far more unified than Russia at its present state. You have folks of different backgrounds coming to the United States and beginning to “assimilate” in American culture. Then their children are practically Americans, and the cycle continues. One might say that this is bad for cultures, but it’s great for the nation from a unified standpoint.

Russia on the other hand, has a massive variety of people who live in their own cultures. They don’t go outside people of their own kind, and this creates a very isolated form. Moscow is pretty unified, and so are the big cities, but venture outside into the Asian sphere and you’ll find stark differences in the way people exist. Russia is the most diverse nation on the planet, and this diversification hampers it in the sense that there is little assimilation going on (though this is changing under Putin’s new policies).