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Mice are tricky creatures depending on where you live you should see if any companies near you use Contrac (it's a type of rodent bait) That is what our company uses and it's highly effective. Put 3-4 boxes with 6 pieces of bait each outside around your property and have them refilled every March and October. We charge clients where I'm from 210 for the initial set up and 85 every time we refill/check the boxes.

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What are some good ways/resources to help people understand that nuclear is the best energy option?

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Is your life in danger now that you have posted this?

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I have 0 professional training and am constantly under 80 second but I can't beat 70. Any tips?

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Is my Third Party vote really wasted? Isn't any vote technically a waste because of the electoral college? I align with my 3rd party candidate on almost every level.