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I'm surprised that no one has asked any questions about the "dark side" of CPS.

For example, (true story), my ex (with whom I remain on good terms) went to CPS to report abuse of both herself and the children at the hands of her 2nd husband.

Not only did they not render assistance, she was investigated for fostering an abusive environment for "allowing a child to witness violence" because one of the kids was present when she got a beating.

They expected her to tell him to stop hitting her long enough to usher the kid out of the room and then...what, allow him to carry on? Really?

So all I ever hear about CPS are the horror stories (online, from firends, etc.), and one of them seems pretty reputable to me.

Do you ever face criticism or harassment on the basis of the evil-CPS-people stereotype? Have you seen such things unfold where you work?

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One of us, one of us! Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble!


That scene still freaks me out.

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Thanks for a fair and measured response.

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Why the hell can't you call your mom?

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It's an abbreviated punchline:

An admiral at the head of his fleet is scanning the horizon for the enemy ships he's looking to destroy. Seeing them crest the horizon, he tells his first mate, "Bring me my red shirt."

"Why, Sir?"

"If I am wounded in the fight, and the men see me bleeding, they may lose heart. If I wear my red shirt into battle, that cannot happen. Now, bring me my red shirt!"

"Yes, sir!"

The Admiral continues to scan the horizon, and sees there are in fact ten times as many enemy ships as his own fleet has. The first mate returns with the red shirt. The Admiral turns to him and says,

"Bring me my brown pants."