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Not OP but I work in childcare based at a primary school, and we have a 11 y.o. girl with cerebral palsy, and she's in mainstream education with all of the other kids. She has an education assistant in class with her, and my employer receives government funding so we can have more staff on to help her, but apart from that she is treated entirely normally. She is a lovely girl, with a brilliant sense of humour.

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Not OP but I work in childcare with a girl with fairly severe CP (in a wheelchair, can't speak very well, limited fine motor skills, but apart from that entirely normal) and we do our best to let her have the most normal childhood possible, and treat her like the other kids. She is a bright, funny 11 y.o.

The important thing is that you're raising a child who happens to have a disability, not the other way round. Let her be a kid as much as possible!