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I don't know, given the name war & peace I think it is a 33% chance for war, peace, or war and peace

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So I feel like this an elaborate marketing ploy to sell your establishment:

so 150$ x [about at least] 6000 entries = 900,000$ right?

so then minus 25,000$ for the amount given to the "winner" =875,000$ which is by my understanding going towards clearing owed debt but not exclusively...

physical land and property is included too so super rough numbers here, I saw doing some snooping that housing is going for about 80$sqft this restaurant is 2,790 sq feet. I think a restaurant is worth more than a house not sure by how much but I think 125% of a house is a good number to work with so 100$ sq foot so the property is worth [really rough here] $279,000 valued location. edit: 266,700 stated from tax document shown by /u/jpfarre in another comment link here [I didn't think I would guess so close!]

so $875,000- $279,000 = $596,000 and I would say the kitchen via a couple quick google searches says $100,000 would be a nice kitchen setup so down to $496,000 for cost of ownership of company name and assets.

so you in a sense wants half a million for her company [not property at this point] that she says "The minimum number of entries is to ensure that we are able to give someone a debt-free business and $25,000 to help get started!" that you have gone into debt for.

this really isn't adding up in my head to anything more than a lottery with the majority payout going to the lottery owner [regardless of her debts owed]

Can you explain why you feel this restaurant/property/assets is worth an [essentially crowd sourced] million dollars?

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"We made a choice to invest in a place that typically you would not find in our area. So is it worth what we have invested?? No, but it would be hard to argue that it is not worth $150 investment if you have the skill to win and own a debt-free restaurant!"

Thank you for your honestly. You don't think your company and assets are worth the value you are requesting via your minimum applicants combined $.

You are literally selling your restaurant (via an unorthodox means) for more than you personally (and others) value it at.

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Married and happy but currently we are both eating healthy and being frugal as fuck, got any date ideas you can help me with that are low to no cost and not food centric (also cold as shit here right now so something that won't cause frostbite)?

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But you did state it's worth: minimum of 6000 applicants @ 150$. That's in your document, your condition of requirement.

And you didn't answer my question. Why do you think it worth that, or do you think it isn't worth that