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The fact that his boss was found guilty of lying and then was allowed to remain in command of him AND allowed access to records of who testified against him, really really ought to be able to get him somewhere with a good lawyer. There is no way in hell that is ok.

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I just wanna jump in here to say PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to sanctuaries! Any animal sanctuary, whether it's for farm rescues, pet rescues, or wildlife, relies 100% on donations and money from charitable orgs, and there is NEVER enough funding. These places run on shoestring budgets and go bankrupt all the time, often after the employees spend their own savings to keep it open, because there is just not enough money being donated. So any time you want to donate money, please choose a sanctuary!

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The point is that the only reason people in the US think male circumcision is ok is because we already do it here a lot. The quote is meant to show the opinion of someone from a society that does not promote circumcision.

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Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignments, and Intersex. It's designed to be inclusive without needing to have new labels added all the time.

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Chickens and most other fowl will eat all kinds of pest bugs that you don't want around your property, and produce a valuable manure. Pigs and goats can be used very effectively to clear and till land you want to farm. Many animals can be trained to perform valuable services to disabled people, including not only dogs and cats but also monkeys, parrots, rats, ferrets, miniature horses, and goats. They can help calm people having an anxiety attack, recognize early warning signs of a seizure and warn the person, bring objects to the person, assist people with limited mobility, etc. There are also probably lots of useful things animals can be trained to do that we just haven't tried yet!