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Going against that point a bit but, a lot of people prefer working with a small powerful squad of nomads, and never settle or build (mainly because of the micromanagement required is tedious sometimes), i guess my question is, are you working to make the job system less tedious and possibly get it to a point that you can make your town completely autonomous?

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What was the biggest challenge your team has had to face in the last few months in related to this investigation?

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Hey piggybacking so i hopefully get an answer. I have loved rally ever since my grandparents took me to see the finish line at Dakar in argentina.

However i have had the hardest time following races and can never manage to see them live only being able to find youtube compilations after the fact.

How can someone that is interested actually watch the races online?

Thank you :)

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Not OP but was an illegal immigrant from 2002 to ~2007. I can tell you that coming here illegally was the only way. My mom and I came from Argentina after the economy collapsed and there was no option but to leave. She tried for a long time and even with pre existing dual citizenship (Argentinian and Italian) we only managed to get a visitors visa, we bought a two way plane ticket and we only came one way. The only reason we got residency and are citizens now is because my mom met her (now ex) husband and applied when they were married. I can tell you that going through the normal process is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible, and many people are in a situation where time is of the essence. It can sometimes be break the law and come here illegally or literally die.