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Did you fly on Con Air?

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Can I tell you an Oxy success story?

I was on Oxy before my back surgery and it really helped. I was in a LOT of pain for 2 years. Took the max dose and my pain specialist doctor prescribed every 8 hours. I had to go once every 3 weeks to get a new scrip because he couldn't call them in and he made me piss in a cup to make sure I wasn't 'diverting'. (Also we tried the Fentanyl patch and Kadian but they didn't seem to get to the pain as well as Oxy.)

I could still mildly feel the pain underneath and I was miserable all the time but it would have been really bad without it. (In fact I probably would have used really drastic measures to end the pain. I'd heard of people who killed themselves because the pain got too much and that freaked me out.) After my surgery my doc weaned me off and I have no desire ever to do Oxy again.

Edit: on the downside a few times I ran out completely because it's such a pain in the ass to get a script I went through withdrawals and imagined robbing a pharmacy at gunpoint. The stuff is physically addictive and you can feel it through your whole body. And weaning off of it sucked. But once I was on the other side I didn't want to touch it again.

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My buddy just got out of the ADX in Colorado. (There's actually a minimum security prison next to the supermax.) He was making a lot of money trading stocks with somewhat questionable insider info one year and the next he was making lunch for the Unabomber and a bunch of other jerks.

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I know a guy who has a little studio. He shoots independent movies and b-roll and corporate stuff. He gets offers all the time from porn producers to shoot for good money but he turns them down. Once you're associated with porn, you're in porn and other business will dry up. I always thought that was interesting.