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Do you ever forget how to play a song you composed and have to listen to your recordings or look up videos of your performances on YouTube and be like “Oh yeah, that’s what I did there”?

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Have you ever used or will you ever use Rock This Bitch improvs for real album songs?

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I love when he messes up onstage. Here in Cedar Rapids, IA, in July, he basically rewrote some of the words to Effington on the spot. Wish there was a video, but all I can remember is it started with him rhythmically pounding the piano and chanting "I Did not Play it Right."

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What was the supposed justification for not renewing the license?

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How did the company get the idea to start volunteering their services for domestic violence survivors? Did one of the Meathead Movers maybe know someone who was affected by that type of crime?