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He's always wearing his mushroom hat when he wants to connect to the mycelial network.

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Great question! Mushrooms are affected by climate change due to increased temperatures drying out the moist soil they inhabit and the increase of forest fires and their intensity scorches the top soil where most of the mycelium live. After the Big Sur fire the locals have reported no mushrooms this season :(

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I have experienced sacred medicines including those in the fungal kingdom. It was really important for us to include the John Hopkins Psilocybin trials and studies in Fantastic Fungi to show how it can help people with depression and anxiety.

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It's a journey through time and scale that broadens your horizons, expands your perception and opens your heart to the rhythms and patterns of the universe that touch the deepest part of your soul.

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I haven't seen The creeping garden. I'll be sure to check it out,

As for slime molds, they look weird but they are intelligent, without a brain or central nervous system and only one cell thick. Experiments have shown that slime molds can design a more efficient subway system by navigating a maze that mirrored the subway station in Tokyo. I guess that's kind of weird but also really cool. Nature never wastes a single molecule and if they are more efficient than humans, then maybe they will take over the earth.