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Or you know just go stay in a small town in France and not commit any crimes.

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Jacques Cousteau supposedly went to bottom of Lake Tahoe and came back up and said "The world's not ready for what's down there"...What do you think he saw? Would you be willing to go check it out and see what's going on down there?

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I found myself polishing off pints of Ben and jerrys very easily after 25-30mi runs.

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Cartels are still quite active growing within the US, crap weed hiked over the border in 100lb increments is dead but they’re still dealing a lot of weed domestically. Just saw a bust in CA where they seized 33 lbs of meth a lot of heroin and a few dozen lbs of “high quality” mj.

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Little guy here, yes indeed pretty much screwed, taking my talents to the East Coast.