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Interesting sidenote:

The Crow Indian Reservation in Montana wanted to build a casino on their reservation. Montanans fought it tooth and nail, "Gambling is immoral, corrupting, blah blah blah"; eventually a casino was approved, built, and was pretty successful.

Seeing how successful it was, suddenly Montanans decided, "Hey, why can't we have gambling in the rest of the state?" So gambling was legalized in the rest of the state.

Now you can't get gas anywhere in Montana without walking past a slew of one-arm bandits; gambling is EVERYWHERE.

Now the reservation casino doesn't make near as much money.

Moral of the story: gambling's only evil if we're not making money from it.

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As someone with tinnitus and vertigo, I'm curious as to what hope their is to restoring these to normal. Is tinnitus caused by damage to the inner ear hair, and is it repairable?

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"I'm sorry sir, but the manufacturer warranty on your heart has expired."

"But I got the extended warranty!"

"It only covers defects and poor workmanship, not normal wear and tear."

"I thought it was for 5 years or 500k beats?"

"You're already at 625k beats, so you're 125k over your warranty."

"But it's only been 3 years!"

"Have you been watching a lot of porn?"

"....no. Yes."

"There you go then."

"This is bogus, man."

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My god, that's horrific!

I've seen documentaries on those type of farms, and it really impressed on me just how much like a real factory these things are: with the conveyor belts, cages, etc. They're not treated as living creatures AT ALL. Strictly a commodity as if they were manufacturing widgets.

I try to buy free-range cage-free eggs, but I've heard that a lot of those are not really what they claim to be.

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Based on your past AMAs, I went shopping for a nice Miele Canister. The sales guy carried both Miele and Simplicity, and talked me into a Simplicity 'Wonder Power Team Premium Canister with Tandem Air Nozzle'. Insane amount of $ for a vacuum, but that thing is much quieter than my old Sanitaire S675 and much better suction. I'm thinking it's the last vacuum I ever buy hopefully.