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LostBob259 karma

I once ordered a knock-off novelty USB drive from Amazon that came from China complete with a keylogger.

Wrote a bad review for it and the company emailed me saying if I removed the review they'd refund me.


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Which benefits the corporation and is anti-worker. But we just suck it up because we killed unions and have no power.

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Yeah. Bald spots about the size of a US Quarter will appear. 1 or 2 at a time. Then the hair will grow back within a year or so.

If they aren't noticeable, I ignore them. When they are unavoidable, I shave my whole head.

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As a man, everyone asked me if I was in the military. (I have minor alopecia that comes and goes.)

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I have stress related alopecia areata. Once a patch goes hairless, it generally comes back after a year. I've got a missing patch right now above my left ear. It blows. I hope I never lose an eyebrow.