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Okay, never participated in an AMA, but I like this one. So here it goes:

For the past three years I've had some form of life altering event happening every year. Two of which nearly killed me and the third is Covid. During these times all plans go overboard and life changes dramatically.

So why would it be worth it to plan a year? Especially given the fact that so much is changing so fast. Covid numbers on the rise, Brexit for Europe and an almost civil war in the States to name two examples. What is the benefit of planning if you know that the world is changing so fast that it's not going to be of much use soon. At least that's what my rambling thoughts were.

Thanks for doing this and props to you for getting this booklet running and helping so many people!

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Hmmm, it does make more sense when you look at it from that perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You've given me some good food for thought and I'll think it over a bit more. Thanks 😊

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Look at it this way: a scare doesn't give you a heartattack if your cardiovascular system is okay. There's always an underlying issue. Either the guests knew it, in which case: why the hell would you go into a haunted thing like this? Or they didn't and this brought the condition to the light. Probably saves them from having an attack when there's nobody around or when they're driving for example...