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Just having $100 make you 30%? The US is fucked up.

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You have the luxury of living in the subtropical zone and eat a vegan diet. You did not grow your own textile, you can grow things year-round, you don't need firewood for warmth, you don't need to raise animals, and you are willing to devout a year of your life to farming. What about the miners, factory workers and businessmen who got you your bicycle? Did you grow enough to feed all of them?

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Megacorps has a lot of evil business practices, but they also have the economy of scale, which helps minimize the ecological footprint of agriculture. Sustenance farming is much less efficient. It needs way more land and can't provide enough food for the world, besides, not everyone wants to be farmers. A balance has to be stricken somewhere in the middle. What do you think is the optimal size of a farm?