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If you don't mind my asking, what was your background bwfore you started as a ATC? Were you or people you know ever nervous or scared of the weight of responsibility that you have with the job?

The perks and pay sound awesome and I'm definitely interested, but being personally responsible for so many lives sounds very daunting. So far in my life the most responsibility I've had is just driving my car for work.

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Do you have any recommendations for how to find a good therapist that works for "you" specifically?

I have state provided health insurance that should cover it, but the prospect of getting started is a bit daunting.

Also what are your thoughts on various medications a physiatrist may prescribe? I've heard a lot of anxiety meds helping anxiety but mess you up in other ways.

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What did you like about Austin?

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Ooo I'm glad I saw this post. My friend and I just played We Were Here and really enjoyed it, although we wished it was longer. I had no idea the sequel was on Xbox, but we'll definitely get it