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That poohead* Derek ...

There are children here.

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/u/reese015 I would love to see an answer to this one. If there's any place for a child to shine, it's in an idealistic question like this. And we could all use a bit more idealism these days.

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Hi guys, two questions:

  1. The song "Modern Jesus" is one of my favorites. Do you had any insight into its meaning that you would like to share?

  2. For all the cynics, why should we care about saving the Sumatran tiger? What makes this animal special and important?

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Governor, can we expect you to take a stance on NSA spying and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court? If so, what would that stance be?

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I'm familiar with a lot of barrel aged brews like Goose Island Bourbon County, KBS, and Black Note. In fact these are my favorites and I would literally die without them. Literally.

If you're familiar with these or other barrel aged beers, could you compare and contrast those types of beers with yours, both in terms of process to create and final product characteristics?