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Ha, if you guys ever need an English copy/technical documentation guy, I'm looking for an exit from Brexit...

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I hope you've got a license for that wearily sarcastic dissent, chum.

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I was involved in the late nineties hardcore/screamo scene and the worst people were the edge kids. Sanctimonious violent shitwizards to a man, incredibly judgmental of anyone who dared to listen to anything that wasn't either Fugazi or some obscure Orchid 12", and just hateful and unpleasant to be around. I was a cheerful black metal-loving goth at the time, I was not in the right place.

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Did you ever have Varg Vikernes in your prison? He's been out for a while, mind, and I'm assuming you're quite young.

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Did you ever read Rab Florence's article about it?

It kinda led to him not writing about games any more, which tbh is criminal.