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LordAssworthMcThor7 karma

Not a question, just a relevant story where my semi-assholery turned out for the good.

I moved into a new house last year and was told by the old housemates next door was a womens refuge. When they left I advertently met one of the occupiers over the garden fence, she was an alcoholic who wouldn't stop talking at you. Literally made me scared to go outside. Complained to the landlord and she had a word and built a fence. Saw the woman a couple more times, she gave me semi-dirty semi-scared looks, feelsbadman.jpg.

Anyway didn't see her for a little while, then about a month later saw her in Tesco stacking shelves having a conversation with a co-worker and not slurring. She didn't see me and I kept walking, still, good to know your places can help people get back on their feet.