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Lord0fglohorn10 karma

Hi Ken! Unfortunately, there's been a number of air disasters that had at the very least some mystery about them (Malaysia flights 370 and 17, as well as 9/11). There was quite a bit of confusion as to what the facts were, which I'm sure is very difficult for the surviving family members. Do you think it better to give constant updates to survivors, even if the facts are unclear and may change, or wait until there is some relative certainty on what happened?

Lord0fglohorn5 karma

I'm reminded of the time following the disappearance of 370 where it got to the point of a black hole being offered as a possible cause on CNN, partially due to what seemed to be conflicting information coming out of the airline almost daily. I assume they were attempting to save face, but it only served to make the situation more confusing. Is it frustrating to watch some of that public messaging that might confuse people who are genuinely waiting to find out what happened to their loved one?