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What stunt do you regret doing most? What stunt is your favorite?

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Thanks to Kerbal Space Program I'm able to appreciate the maneuvers undertaken to get into orbit. Have you considered doing anything with the KSP guys to celebrate Juno?

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<shakes magic 8 ball>Outlook not so good

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It's really hard but very satisfying. I highly recommend it if you have any interest in space flight though. You can get started with a tutorial video or wiki page... just follow the steps step by step and remember that the goal is always to do a little more, not to just fly freely in space on your first launch. So you can start by building a rocket that goes up a bit... then another one that goes higher, then one that kinda reaches space, then space... then you got to try to get into orbit, which is really hard but totally amazing once you pull it off. Sorry for all the words, but yah, try it out!

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And the moons are going behind the planet so you don't see the entire path.