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Loomismeister1 karma

What is the first thing that's going to be made once they get it up there?

Loomismeister1 karma

It's just funny that they can't defend themselves. I saw the 100 person all hands pick, they clearly have talent present.

I guess they'd rather send an employee down vote brigade rather than defend from thunderf00ts video in a rational way.

Loomismeister-2 karma

Especially when those people have kickstarters and they are actively scamming people who don't know better.

Loomismeister-16 karma

I mean, I'm still waiting on the actual debunking of anything. Thermal expansion isn't a problem because small hydraulic cylinders? You've a degree in aerodynamics and people should just trust you? The technical paper he made a mockery of doesn't count because Elon Musks company isn't the only one?

You act like he's the one with sinister motives because of his patreon, when you are the actual employee trying to shill out product that might not be feasible.

Actually make a sound argument about why hyperloops aren't completely stupid instead of a bitter character assassination because some scientist shit in your cereal.