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I come from a Korean household where my family opened our first restaurant (southern breakfast food) when I was 9. I am 25 now, just graduated from college and have been working in the business since then. I am currently at a crossroads in my career path and could use a little advice. I love to cook, my ultimate goal is to open my own restaurant but I am having a hard time choosing between getting a job in my degree field or jumping in as a line cook/attending culinary school. As a fellow Korean I think you might be able to understand the family pressures of finding a safe, stable, and reliable job in my tech field rather than taking the risk of becoming a chef and opening my own restaurant. Did you experience any feelings like this in your come up? Any advice for a lost 25 year old trying to figure out his future?

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Thank you chef, exactly what I needed to hear, especially coming from someone like yourself.

Btw, if you're looking for kitchen help I would love the opportunity to be a part of one of your restaurants and the movements that you're involved in.