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LongDingDongKong131 karma

2/3 of the countries gun deaths are suicides. This AI would not help those in any way.

As far as school shootings, I dont think it would do anything. The time it takes for the camera to alert someone, who then reviews the tape, then calls police, is probably not going to be less than someone needs to shoot and another person to call police.

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The cop at Parkland wasn't legally required to protect anyone, why would a security guard?

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The parkland shooting would have been avoided if the police and fbi responded to the dozens of tips they received about the criminal who did the shooting.

LongDingDongKong9 karma

My point here is I dont think this system is early detection. By the time the camera alerts someone, assuming they are 100% focused and waiting dor the alert, they then watch the footage once or twice to make a decision, the. call police, the shootings has probably already started and someone has called police.

I think the money could be spent better elsewhere. I dont think the early detection is the problem in a school shooting, but rather response time.

LongDingDongKong8 karma

Im not saying you are wrong. However if a cop cant be 100% trusted to defend you, why would we spend 24 thousand on a camera that trusts a potentially low paid security guard to protect kids?