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Don't worry...they won't appreciate it, lol.

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This is why leadership at the top is so important. Failing to take this seriously immediately is going to cost a lot of lives, both in the US and elsewhere.

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I thought the thing to do was to ask for food prepared like it would be for a Jain, if you wanted to stay vegan in India. Yeah, you won't get root vegetables, but it will definitely be vegan!

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Care to comment on the current state of loot boxes in Video Games? For example, NBA2k20, which is rated "E" for Everyone (so is marketed to children), which has highly realistic gambling mechanics woven into the game and progression?

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I'm guessing that for the minute or less (probably less) that you have oxygenated blood still in your brain, you are able to detect stimuli, but, because things aren't functioning properly, you would not be able to really make any sense of what is going on.

I read in a book an account of a physician witness to a guillotining in France in the 1800's. He stated that immediately after the convicts head landed, he clapped his hands and shouted the man's name and he could see the eyes orient towards the direction of the sound. He did the same thing at about ?15? seconds & got a lesser response, and then again at about ?30? seconds and got a very weak response, and then nothing noticeable after that. Morbidly fascinating.