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We got it over in England too.

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What was your initial 'bad feeling' or sympton that sent you to the Doctor?

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Thanks for replying again. I know that I'm definitely part of the 'die of shame' culture in that I would rather ignore a personal problem than see a Doctor out of pure embarrassment and reading your comments has given me something to think about. So for that, thank you.

One last question, how has whats happened to you affected your day to day life, physically and emotionally?

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Wow, I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and I couldn't do what you do. It's hard enough being a mum as it is! Good luck to you and your family for the future :)

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Thanks for replying. It sounds like its something you were quite aware of your whole adult life. What should someone who isn't aware of this type of cancer be looking out for? And What's lichen sclerosus?