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Thank you for your AMA! What do you think is the most fascinating thing we might be able to see in our lifetime? Anything you really want to see happen in your lifetime?

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My mom got it, too. She was in her early twenties when she was diagnosed. She is still going strong at 64! No wheelchair, nothing. You wouldn’t even know she’s got it when you see her.

Luckily I had my DNA tested and did not inherit it from her. Are you the only one in your family to suffer from it?

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Hey, thank you for your AMA, it’s really interesting :) As an Iraqi would you say the country change for the better in years following the American invasion? What do the people over there think? Are they happier with how things are now or where they happier before?

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As an investigative journalist, what would you tell people who mistrust journalism in general (Fake News)?

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Stalker <3 oh the memories! Awesome!