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Do you kick the tires and say "she's a beauty!"

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It could be that you are eating the wrong foods to begin with. After eating a standard American diet my whole life I began eating a whole food plant based diet 4 years ago. It worked like a time machine and I immediately experienced a host of positive effects. Also I found it quite easy to fast for 1 - 3 days. The reason I could easily fast is I had lost the addiction to salt, oil and sugar. So before, when I missed a meal I would experience the symptoms you mention (jittery & tired). I wasn't hungry, I was addicted. Possibly this is what you are experiencing.

This life extension stuff is new to me but I'm going to look into it. Good luck!

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I can't read your blog because your stupid Facebook 'like me' window covers it. I hate that.

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American here. There seems to be a problem with drunks (primarily Americans, Aussies & PRC) causing trouble with locals.

Remember: "Admitting it is the first step"

Question: If you're a trained killer why would you ever punch a taxi driver in any country? He was no threat to you. I'm a supporter of the American military but this is embarrassing. Singapore is a very good friend of America in the region.

Regarding taxis: They can't just pull over anywhere and pick you up. There are strict rules regarding this and I've been yelled at myself for the same reason. You probably didn't know this. Also drivers have a right not to pick up drunk people. Out of a few hundred taxi rides I've had only a couple asshole drivers. They are generally OK.

Turning off his key was a provocative move. You were drunk and disorderly and are now looking for sympathy. Maybe you should take a look at your drinking habits if they are causing this kind of problem in your life. Four weeks in jail for punching someone and telling them you could kill them is a light sentence if you ask me.

Singapore operates by the rule of law. Unusual for the region. Take your medicine and then go on the wagon.

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Aren't you the guy with the fake chairity?