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Isn’t this just an ad for onlyfans with extra steps??

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She’s not touching that one with a ten foot length of sheets tied together.

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Brilliant response and pretty spot on. Have you guys touched on the other side of it where he mightve escaped death and was taken out of the prison entirely? A lot of people were saying his death photos didn’t match him at all.

Also I’ll avenge you! Just don’t say you have too much information!

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Hey. I just got diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis a few months ago.

I’m 29. I just had spine surgery two months ago actually because of one of my discs pushing on my root nerve.

It’s not a fun thing to have. Every day hurts. I’m so sick of the pain. They replaced one of my discs but a lot of the others ones aren’t looking great. I’ve honestly forgot what not having pain feels like. I’ve contemplated suicide multiple times. It’s hard to live with constant pain. It really is.

Are you still working? I want to see about disability because it’s made it near impossible to work. Any thing that helps? Don’t take this the wrong way but it makes me feel a bit better finding someone else with my condition to talk to about it. My doctors haven’t been super helpful

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Remember they wouldn’t show Osama Bin Ladens death at all. But Epstein is fine.