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How much do you consider liveable?

It's so subjective. I've personally lived on the base rate of youth allowance in the past and managed to live on it. During COVID, people getting twice as much as what I lived on are saying it's unliveable and they are going hungry. I support basic income but I do worry that too high a rate would heavily disincentivise working.

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Misconception, he was in his military uniform.

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I want to preface this by saying I currently receive Centrelink and have voted for the greens many times, but your behaviour lately has changed my opinion. I really want to know why this behaviour has changed.

Why are you increasingly lying on social media posts? I used to vote for the greens and have a lot of respect for your integrity and other values. However, that's changed recently. Just about every single day, you personally post, or share a green's post, with absolutely incorrect information.

This has been incredibly prevalent within the discussion on jobseeker and other payments where you persistently provide incorrect figures. You deliberately leave rent assistance out of many calculations.

Example A: on 23 September you posted about "Tess" who for some reason gets a family tax benefit A of $120/ fortnight. Human services says if your child is 0-12, you get $189.56 per fortnight. You also exclude the fact that this benefit pays out a $ 781.10 benefit each year for each child.

Example B: On 24 September you made a post claiming that the average 1 bedroom rental in Newcastle is $715 pf and provided ABSOLUTELY NO SOURCE. I've lived in Newcastle for literally my entire life, receiving Centrelink for a pair portion of it. I currently live in a 2 bedroom house that costs less than this figure you've pulled from (where exactly?) Go and do a Domain search for Newcastle and surrounding suburbs and realise just how wrong you are.

I could list numerous other examples but it's tiresome finding them and you're very likely to not respond anyway.

Seriously, are you lying? Or do you actually have little idea about the true figures and just post whatever happens to be plopped onto your desk that day? Are lies necessary to convince people of your agenda? Or is that agenda so utterly unconcerned by facts that it doesn't matter if you give completely incorrect figures? Do you have fact-checkers that are absolutely awful at their job?

I'm not trying to be facetious here, I'm genuinely trying to understand what happened. You seemingly went from a politician of integrity to one who lies at literally every opportunity or has such incompetent staff surrounding them that this is the result. I've voted for the Greens numerous times in the past but the thought of doing so at the moment makes me feel a little bit sick. Valuing facts and integrity are absolutely essential to a healthy democracy.

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I was, by most definitions of bullying (your own included), bullied at school over numerous things, mostly undesirable and non cooperative traits such as whinging, snitching, being too individualistic and not working with the team etc. I view this sort of "bullying" as genuinely beneficial for my development. Groups of children made it clear my behaviour was not appreciated, unlikely to be tolerated, and there may be potential repurcussions for it. This helped mould me into a better person and I was MUCH better off learning this lesson from some high school kids who'd tease me a bit than learning it later in life when I'd potentially be punished by the state or hardened criminals for my behaviour, or even just receiving negative repercussions in jobs and careers, relationships etc.

Where do you think the line should be drawn between truly damaging and unreasonable bullying, and bullying being a normal and healthy social adaption to behaviours, particularly social ones, that are undesirable within society?

To be clear I'm not talking about instances such as yours where you seem to have been targetted unfairly and excessively for non behavioural traits such as your race and sexuality. However, most definitions of bullying, including the one you've given in this thread, say that any behaviour that makes you upset and is repeated counts as bullying. Obviously tormenting children for their base traits that have no bearing on their ability to co-operate in society is bad and we should work towards reducing this. But I do think the broad definition of bullying as anything that makes people upset and involves a power imbalance is a bit of a stretch, and definitions/ semantics aside I really do think children making others upset for their undesirable and non cooperative traits is greatly beneficial to the child and wider society in the long run. Seeking to stop this ever occuring would do nothing but temporarily placate the feelings of some people.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Do you agree that bullying in the form I've described can be a positive social adaptation? Or are you genuinely trying to stamp out anyone ever feeling bad?

Hope this doesn't come across too confrontational, its a topic I've been reflecting on a little myself lately so would love some insight and opinions from somebody so deep in this space.

Edit: forgot to mention this. Someone I know did some social science courses at college learning about bullying in the way you've defined it. His take away from this was to berate his parents for asking him to pick up bread from the shops. The request was upsetting to this person, there was a power imbalance, and it wasn't the first time he'd been asked to get bread. From their college learnings based on these definitions he genuinely regarded this as bullying and unreasonable behaviour. Anecdotal sure but when talking about bullying most info is anecdotal. It's clearly a problem when we're teaching children that being asked to do very simple 2 minute tasks for the good of their entire family is bullying.

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Adam, you require integrity more than you require resources. I and others I know consistently voted for the greens in the past and wouldn't even consider this now.

This is because you are increasingly spreading and relying on misinformation within your posts. You lie and mislead, provide incorrect figures and disregard others entirely as you try to sign up more people to your doctrine. It makes me genuinely concerned that you have no belief in what you say, and will literally just say anything to get some extra votes or followers.

What happened to the greens of 2015 or so? In many ways, you've become what you set out to destroy.