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How about teaming up with some of the local breweries in the area and creating a Dino-line of brews for some dig, drink and stay packages?

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Awesome. Now to get the family on a trip from the northeast to Colorado.

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Having a municipal utility certainly makes things easier to build out the infrastructure.

There is also Wired West, they bring high speed internet access to the rural communities not serviced by cable.

Perhaps a regional partnership could help expand into a larger fiber network.

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Mayor Morse,

Although I'm not a resident of Holyoke, I do live in the Pioneer Valley.

With the territory swap from Charter to Comcast, many of us will be going from a mediocre cable/ISP provider to a downright awful one.

What would it take to get the communities together and develop a regional fiber network, similar to what Chattanooga, TN has done? A network like this could make Western Mass a technological hotbed and bring jobs to our area.

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Hi Jon, what are your thoughts on ballot initiative #2: Ranked Choice Voting?