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And here is a video by DIE ANTWOORD about the whole thing.

Explanation : The boys that refuse this barbaric ritual are treated as evil gay children (never matured in real man) , hence the name of song "Evil Boy". It is performed by tribal origin rapper that speaks about his experience of refusing the circumcision.


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Yes. But the practice is similar, if not identical.

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Andrew I had a roomate that started as janitor ( we were 19 years old ) , he went to opening a pub with money he saved with janitor work ( cleaning offices was profitable back than, and he saved all his money ) - The pub, went to club, club went to several clubs. He went to owning 2 Jaguars. 2 divorces and than to bancrupcy. Sometimes he says he will go back to being janitor :)

My question for you : How come you started at age of 14 ?

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This is funny. I just had discussion with my college. While downloading and browsing shutterstock material for some CRM add.

I wondered if person can make living by being Stock illustrator ( or photographer ) ?

So Is it possible ? And if it is. How rare it is ?

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I dont even know what to say. As a parent my heart cries with you. How can there be so much injustice in the world... If there is anything good in the universe you will find your children and they will enjoy all you are talking about and so much more. Anyone reading your words wishes you so. And that must mean something in this crazy world.