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Good work exposing youtube. NY Times is in the propaganda business, yes?

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"You've got to call on that something that can make a way out of no way." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I'm broke $ at the moment, barely feed myself. You got another supporter today.

I could tell you things I've done with no money, alone, starving, filthy, that you'd swear I was a liar. Life is a force against entropy, a Will in the Cosmos that will meet you half way, that makes the impossible reality. Have Grace. Dance with time. Never stop. Never give up. "Not until Obama has to pinch it off at the urinal troff because I need a word with him. NOW." In Truth. Justice. There is Victory.

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If you did what you felt was right, so be it. In terms of, where's the support? Where'd everybody go? Something I learned the hard way, and been through many times, you have to get right with yourself, the universe, "God", whatever you believe in, even if you believe in nothing and are suffering. You have to accept what happened, and channel that grief or whatever all you're feeling into something creative. Get it out with your mouth, say the words, preferably alone so you can expend the energy and thoughts. Some will take a handful of sticks and yell, cry, curse at them while binding them in thread, then burn them and walk away. The rest, other people, human beings, companies, policies, promises, insurance... in the USA everything EVERYTHING is a ponzi pyramid that leads you up and goes nowhere. Business. Capitalism. Capitalize. Take advantage. Profit. Unequal trade. You'll be alright https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swv7O8tRfOs

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Wow! Amazing work! THANK YOU!!! Questions... I'll throw some zingers, what is the relationship between the audio geometry and visual cinematic? Why the fuss over the mid-range? Explain audio metamorphosis in terms of physically manifesting conscious entities from Gamma light frequencies.