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Lizzyms1 karma

Thank you for responding! I am leaning towards Northwestern for ED but still debating between NYU and NU. Cost isn't much of an issue for my family.

I have a 3.6 UW, yet to take the SAT, all 4s and 5s on APs. I go to a rigorous governors school, so lots of grade deflation there. My friend passed away my freshman year (my counselor can corroborate that) so those grades bring down my GPA.

I plan to ask my teachers and counselor to highlight my journalism experience-- I'm EIC of my school paper and my journalism teacher is one of my LORs. I was also actually on TV/in a couple news outlets for some of my work and my social media is also followed by some verified journalists. I definitely think it's notable but not exactly an EC so I don't really know how to highlight that?

I will gladly look into the workshop!!

Lizzyms1 karma

I love Northwestern! I'm actually thinking of applying ED to Medill (yay journalism). What are some tips you have for preparing a strong application if your stats aren't the best? I like to think that my extracurriculars make me stand out, but my grades are pretty average